What really makes Braden Benefit Strategies different?


We are invested in our client’s success

EVERY client is important Ask Bonnie Bobbitt at Cycle Specialty who told a luncheon of our clients, of which Bonnie has been a client since 2003, she never felt like a small company as we always stopped and helped her and were there for her, we never tired of her endless questions. Contact Bonnie at bbbobbitt@yahoo.com or 770-461-3841.

"It was a pleasure to be with you. I always learn new things each time we visit. You have my full endorsement for Braden Benefits." Dr. Kenneth T. Peek, Executive Pastor of Business Administration, First Assembly of God

"Victoria thank you for all the hard work that you do to get us to open enrollment. You always come through for us and our employee’s with the best insurance rates and I know that is not always an easy task. I also thank you for sending Carol to help and explain all of the changes to our employees and for all the help she gives them and me while she is here. She never complains that we never stop from the time she gets here until she leaves.

Carol, thank you for the time you spend with us and the patience that you have with our employee’s and me. Thanks for all the hard work and your well organized presentation that you do to get us ready for open enrollment and all the work you do once you are here in the building.

All of you at Braden Benefits are a blessing to me and all the staff at NGCA."
Eva Reese, NGCA after their February Renewal
Eva can be reached at ereece@ngcainc.com or 706-692-5644

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